NLA Diagnostics Introduces the NLAD Cheetah at the Aviation Week MRO 2015

Miami, April 14, 2015 – The NLAD team, led by Principal Rick Webster and Managing Director Bill Choate, presented their company’s technology and introduced the NLAD Cheetah to the nondestructive testing community.

The dramatic increase in the use of composite materials on critical flight surfaces has accentuated the need for a field-portable solution to test these parts for structural integrity while remaining “on-wing.” Mr. Webster noted that “clients have repeatedly asked for a field-portable device that is easy to use by an untrained operator and has the ability to record the data. This challenge was accepted by the NLAD research and development group, and is now realized in the NLAD Cheetah.”

The NLAD Cheetah successfully merges simplicity and accuracy in composite damage detection. A handheld device weighing 1.75 pounds, it quickly identifies disbonds, delaminations and voids in a wide range of advanced materials.

The Aviation Week MRO provides an excellent forum to introduce new technology to tier 1 companies and open new markets in the aviation maintenance community. “This show was very productive and generated many opportunities with US-based companies, furthered the development of the Japanese markets and concluded the first sales of the NLAD Cheetah,” observed Mr. Choate.

NLA Diagnostics, LLC, a Veteran Owned Enterprise, designs and manufactures high-quality diagnostic testing equipment that identifies delaminations, disbonds, voids and thermal damage in composite and other advance materials through a field-portable device.  For more information, visit

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