NLA Diagnostics joins N.C. Department of Commerce at 2013 Paris Air Show

CHARLOTTE, NC, June 28, 2013 –Two executives from Charlotte-based NLA Diagnostics (NLAD) were part of a contingent representing the North Carolina Department of Commerce who recently traveled “across the pond” to make an impression on new markets abroad.

Principle Rick Webster and Managing Director, Global Development, Bill Choate spent four days at the Paris Air Show, sharing their company’s technologies with show attendees eager to find better ways to perform high-quality diagnostic testing to identify stresses, defects and cracks in aircraft and other composite structures. “Interest in NLAD technology was very keen,” Webster says, “particularly the ability to detect far-side damage in honeycomb composite structures while testing from the near side.”

In the 21st century, composite materials have provided new performance options for a wide range of mission-critical aerospace applications. Carbon composites combine lightness in weight, incredible strength and resistance to environmental effects when used to produce nacelles (jet engine cowls), helicopter rotor blades and other leading-edge products. NLA Diagnostics has taken the lead in composite materials testing through a unique, non-destructive means of detecting and locating defects and damage at their earliest stages, before they become safety critical.

The Paris event, known as the world’s oldest and largest aviation show, allowed the company’s ambassadors to execute the dual goals of expanding markets for Tier 1 companies, and opening markets with composite manufacturers in both France and Great Britain. “NLAD’s exclusively licensed technology was developed in Europe by a consortium of universities and institutions led by the University of Exeter in England, so our company has its foundation in cooperative international endeavors,” Choate says. “The Paris Air Show proved to be a perfect fit for us, and the experience was made even better because of the N.C. Department of Commerce’s dedication to promoting companies based in North Carolina.”

NLA Diagnostics, LLC, a Veteran-Owned Enterprise, designs and manufactures high-quality diagnostic testing equipment that identifies delamination, disbands, voids and thermal damage in composite and other advanced materials through a field-portable device.  For more information, visit

“Interest in NLAD technology was very keen, particularly the ability to detect far side damage in honeycomb composite structures while testing from the near side.” – Rick Webster

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