NLAD Cheetah®


The NLAD Cheetah® merges simplicity and accuracy in composite damage detection. A handheld device, it quickly assesses delaminations, disbonds, and degradation in a wide range of advanced materials.

The NLAD Cheetah relies on Impact Resonance testing, which involves applying an impact to the outside surface of a composite material and measuring the near field response. Using NLAD’s rapid electromechanical impact hammer (REMIH), the NLAD Cheetah rapidly delivers gentle, controllable taps to the material surface.

Immediately after each impact, the vibrations are recorded by an acoustic broadband receiver and analyzed to determine the material’s state. By only testing one side, it can detect a disbond on either side of a composite structure.

The NLAD Cheetah eliminates the human subjectivity of traditional tap testing, increasing precision while requiring minimal training. It provides simple PASS/FAIL indications for the user, as well as A-scans, acquiring information from both the time domain and the frequency domain.

An optional system upgrade will be available in 2018 which enables live-mapping. As the user inspects a material, the REMIH will self-locate in three-dimensional space, allowing test coordinates to be automatically recorded for easy 2-D and 3-D plotting.

Typically, the types of material damage of interest for composite structures are mechanical disbonding, delaminations, crushed core, thermal degradation, and voids, all of which have been successfully detected by the NLAD Cheetah.

Target NDI Applications

Composite Aerospace Components

  • Rotary Wings
  • Aircraft Fuselage
  • Nacelle Systems
  • Aircraft Control Surfaces
  • Honeycomb Sandwich Structures
  • Composite Turbine Fan Blades

Wind and Motor Sports

  • Automotive passenger cells
  • Automotive body panels
  • Sailboat spars and masts
  • Boat hulls

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