Technology Development

NLA Diagnostics (NLAD) is committed to developing and fielding affordable and reliable field portable test equipment to determine the structural health of composite materials in multiple failure modes. The NLAD technology can test for manufacturing defects, failures due to cyclic stress, impact damage, heat damage, and other external damage effects that cause delamination and degradation, including surface wave defects.

Extensive testing of complex carbon composites, composite bonding to metals, and composite bonding to honeycomb has demonstrated a clear need for a nondestructive testing unit that provides multiple capabilities. NLAD responded to this challenge by conducting extensive research into technologies that complement nonlinear acoustics and developed the NLA DEFENDER®. During the summer of 2012 the company introduced the NLAD Electro Mechanical Impact Hammer (EMIH). The EMIH combined the sending and receiving functions into one handheld unit that greatly simplified the user test functions and enabled a more consistent impact for impact resonance.

By 2015, the NLAD Cheetah was developed as an improved, standalone unit for impact resonance, with rapid test rates and a simple user interface. This significantly increased the NLAD detection capabilities and provided the ability to determine far side damage while testing from the near, or exposed, side. (See NLAD Case Study)

NLAD expanded into the concrete characterization market as well and began field testing the beta unit in 2015. The concrete testing technology has both military and commercial applications which have been developed in parallel.

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